Physical therapy is a crucial aspect of both the physical and emotional recovery following an amputation. At Hillcrest we specialize in the following treatments:

  • Phantom Pain
  • Desensitization 
  • Mirror Therapy
  • Limb Volume Management
  • Strengthening to Prepare for Prosthesis Use
  • Gait Training with the Prosthesis


Hillcrest is proud to offer a top of the line gait training treadmill combined with a harnessed unweighing system. The harness system can be used with or without the treadmill. It off-loads body weight to improve comfort and allow the patient to train with their new prosthesis without risk of falling. The gait trainer treadmill has sensors that record step length and walking speed, and provide the patient with audio and visual feedback to help them improve gait pattern and restore mobility.

Mirror Therapy

Mirror therapy is a technique designed specifically for treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees. A mirror is placed between the sound limb and the amputated limb, so that the patient sees the reflection of the sound limb where the amputated limb should be. The patient then performs various symmetrical movements with both legs, tricking the brain into believing that the amputated limb is also able to move, and that it is able to do so in a pain free manner.

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