Concierge Care

A New Approach To In-Home Care

Hillcrest Concierge Care was created so older adults could enjoy hotel-like service on-demand, in the comfort of their own homes. Our unique level of personalized services and scheduling flexibility affords the luxury of receiving the exact service you need, whenever you want it: any day, any time. Exclusive in every respect, Hillcrest Concierge Care programs provide specialized care and in-home support for those who demand consistently superior service, and appreciate the value of quality care.

Meals & Meds

Start your day when you want. Anytime from 6am-12pm, a caregiver will arrive at a scheduled time to serve up a hot breakfast and supervise your morning meds. The caregiver will leave you with a healthy lunch for later and even give you a call reminder for lunch and afternoon meds. Don’t struggle in your daily routine.

Morning Care Service

This package is built around your schedule. Anytime between 6am-10am, a caregiver will arrive at a scheduled time to assist with taking morning medications and getting you ready for the day – washing, dressing, grooming, and personal hygiene. You’ll then be presented with a healthy, hot breakfast and a tasty lunch for later. You’ll even receive a reminder call for lunch and afternoon meds.

Turn Down

Similar to the Rise & Shine package, this service is built around your schedule. Anytime between 6pm-9pm, a caregiver will arrive at a scheduled time to make sure a hot dinner is prepared and served and that evening medications are taken. After dinner, the caregiver will provide assistance with changing clothes, washing, getting into bed, and personal hygiene.

Bath & Towel

The number one reason clients choose the Bath and Towel Service is to avoid the risk of falling.

  • At least 1 in 3 adults over 65 year or older falls every year
  • 2/3 of those falls occur in the bathtub or shower.

Helping to keep you safe at home – so you can live well and remain independent – is one of the most important benefits of the unique service. Avoid the worry and risk of falling without putting off regular bathing.

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Hillcrest’s Continuum of Care offers you a choice for your rehabilitative care needs.

In addition to outpatient therapy, our continuum of senior care services also includes inpatient, after-hospital therapy in both Durham and Raleigh.