Our Leadership Team

Senior Management

Lisa Lee, LNHA

Lisa Lee, LNHA
Executive Director

Lisa has been committed to public service in Wake County for her entire career. Beginning in 1993 as a law enforcement officer, she served the entire community. Then, after twelve years, she decided to follow her heart and focus exclusively on quality rehab and nursing care. Since then Lisa has been responsible for the management and operation of senior care facilities. Today, as our Executive Director, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and heartfelt commitment to improving the lives of those we care for. As she explains, “It’s an honor for me to assist our patients and residents in meeting their goals; whether that’s returning home as soon as possible after short term rehab, or, if they choose long term care, providing them with a sense of home and a quality of life they deserve, and their families will be proud of.”


Shannan Kornegay, RN

Shannan Tyner, RN
Director of Nursing

Shannan Tyner, RN, holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UNC-Chapel Hill. Shannan believes that helping families overcome the anxiety associated with coming to a rehab and healthcare facility is key to a successful stay. That is why she greets new admissions by saying: “I promise we’ll do all we can to help you feel comfortable and make your stay successful.” As she explains, “Maybe it’s the warm personal interest we take, or maybe it’s our clinical skills. But it doesn’t take long for the people we care for to develop a whole new appreciation for the meaning of quality care – and we’re thrilled that we’re able to improve the quality of life for so many people.”


Kristen Brininger, PTA

Kristen Brininger, PTA
Director of Rehabilitation

When families ask Kristen what is most important to achieving a successful rehab, she says it’s two things, “First and foremost, the patient must make a real commitment to participate in the process. More than fifty percent of a successful rehab is achieved simply by showing up.” The next advice she gives is to create a culture that encourages patients to establish a personal relationship with their therapists. “We understand that each patient progresses at his or her own pace. So we insist that all therapists know and respect each patient’s individual needs and capabilities. That’s why all of our therapists are Hillcrest employees, specially trained and striving to ensure that every one of their patients is satisfied; not only with the outcome of their care, but with every aspect of the rehab experience.


Paige Hickman

Paige Hickman
Admissions Director

Paige likes to help people. And that’s just what she’s been doing here at Hillcrest since 2011. A Raleigh resident for over 45 years, she’s easy-going, knowledgeable, a great listener and a straight-talker. So when it comes to helping people make difficult decisions, she couldn’t be better equipped. An expert on senior care in Raleigh, she understands what families need to know, while being sensitive to their preferences and concerns.

Dining Services

Oba Goodson

Lance Byrd
Dining Services Manager

Social Services

Daniel Alicea-Munoz

Daniel Alicea-Munoz, BSW, MAOM
Director of Social Work

Daniel is a warm and personable professional, and an integral part of our team. He has extensive experience in helping individuals and families get the care they need from the health care continuum. His experience as a social worker, hospital discharge planner and patient advocate is complemented by a deep, personal commitment and dedication to helping people make the right choices about the care services they need, and the best place to get that care. Daniel holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Management in addition to a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work.


Tangela Bittle, NCCAP

Tangela Bittle, NCCAP
Activities Director

Our Activities program is a vital part of life here at Hillcrest Raleigh. Tangela is specially trained as a recreation professional. Her extensive experience providing therapeutic recreation programs is ideally suited to develop and manage a program designed to keep our residents active. As she explains, “Activities should be fun and make people happy. That’s why we create an individualized program for each resident based on his or her interests and capabilities. By personalizing their program, we’re able to introduce new and innovative ways for each resident to enjoy a fuller, better quality of life; they get to do more of the things they’ve always enjoyed.”

Human Resources  

Amy Ellis

Amy Ellis, B.S.
Human Resources Manager

Warm and personable, Amy always has a smile on her face and the ideal personality for her Human Resources responsibilities. An experienced and efficient Human Resources administrator and benefits manager, Amy is a North Carolina native who lives in Raleigh. She has been a part of Hillcrest’s Human Resources team since 2015. Her ability to establish relationships with staff, built on mutual trust and respect, allows Amy to effectively help staff fulfill their potential at Hillcrest, and to advocate on their behalf should the need arise.


Phil Terry

Phil Terry
Maintenance Director

Phil brings a unique and useful background to his role here at Hillcrest Raleigh. A trained draftsman and digital imagining professional, as well as expert craftsman, he has an exceptional “eye” for keeping Hillcrest Raleigh’s physical plant at its very best, both how it looks and how it functions operationally. As he says, “I’m proud of this beautiful building and my staff and I work every day to make sure it’s the best it can be. After all, this is a Hillcrest facility, and we have a long tradition of providing the best senior care environments in the Triangle area.”