Concierge Services

Introducing Concierge

A new approach to in-home care.

Hillcrest Concierge Care was created so older adults could enjoy hotel-like service on-demand, in the comfort of their own homes. Our unique level of personalized services and scheduling flexibility affords the luxury of receiving the exact service you need, whenever you want it: any day, any time. Exclusive in every respect, Hillcrest Concierge Care programs provide specialized care and in-home support for those who demand consistently superior service, and appreciate the value of quality care.

Schedule a Visit


Just call us to schedule a visit from our Registered Nurse. During this complimentary visit a health history will be taken and an assessment will be performed to ensure we fully understand your needs, capabilities, concerns and preferences. The service can then begin within just 24 hours.

Sensitive care


All of our Concierge Care caregivers are thoroughly trained specialists. Each has real-world experience with older adults and their particular needs. Due to the intimate nature of some Concierge Care (like the Bath and Towel Service), additional sensitivity training takes place so caregivers can help clients to feel comfortable, avoid embarrassment and fully enjoy the service.

No hourly minimums


Why pay for service you don’t need? Concierge Care is a unique ‘a la carte’ approach to using in-home care. So now you can benefit from Hillcrest’s legendary Elegant Care in your own home at an affordable cost because there are no hourly minimums or extra costs.