It’s your choice where you rehab after hospitalization…


Wake County has some of the finest healthcare capabilities in the country. Major hospitals and after-hospital rehab facilities are plentiful and conveniently located.

So what’s the problem?

Few people are prepared for this experience. When you realize how important the right rehabilitation is to achieving a full recovery after an illness, or surgery or injury, it’s clear that discharging patients should spend more time to review their options and consider this important decision.

It’s up to you

If you’re hospitalized and need rehab upon discharge, here are some suggestions:

  1. Talk with your discharge planner. Most hospital start the discharge planning upon admission, so don’t wait too long to discuss when the hospital is planning your discharge.
  2. Ask them what after-hospital care you will need.
  3. Ask them for a list of local rehab facilities that will be appropriate for the care you need. And also Google “short-term, or post-acute rehabilitation, Raleigh, NC.” If you will need a specific type of care (e.g., stroke), add that to the search terms.
  4. If possible have a friend or family member visit the facilities being considering; take a tour and meet their staff.
  5. Keep in mind, after-hospital rehab can be several weeks or more, so you’ll want to choose to get rehab in a facility that provides quality care and a beautiful healing environment